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Offering Real Silat in the Nashville area since 2004

Raja Naga Academy is dedicated to bringing you the finest and most sophisticated instruction in the ancient traditions of the Indonesian Warrior. Raja Naga is not your run of the mill Martial Arts school mixing Silat into its curriculum. We offer real, brutal, traditional Silat. There is no need to supplement your training with other styles such as BJJ and Kali when you learn real Silat, which teaches all aspects of combat.

PCK Silat is one of the most combative, progressive and well rounded Silat systems in the world. We offer all aspects of Silat in our training: Combative and Meditative. From PCK Silat you will get everything you have ever looked for in a Martial Art in one place. An art that is as beautiful as it is deadly, one that is progressive and is aware of the threats in our ever changing world. Silat is not sport. PCK functions on the basis of 3 main assumptions: You will face multiple attackers, You will be attacked by surprise and Your attackers will be armed. If you are looking for an art that provides real world results, under any circumstances, then look no further. Raja Naga Academy offers an ancient warrior art from the jungles of Indonesia that can offer you the skills needed to survive today's modern urban jungle. Training includes:

Empty Hand   -  Weapons  -  Ground Fighting
Multiple Attackers  -  Meditation  -  Trapping
Locking  -  Grappling  -  Stick  -  Kerambit
Realistic Combative Skills

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